We Believe in Challenging the Status Quo When It Comes to Your Health.

Wishing You and Your Loved Ones
a Healthier, Happy New Year!

  • We know how hard you work
  • We understand the commitment you made to yourself by choosing us to help guide you on a path to better health this year!
  • We are grateful for your business and sincerely honoured to serve you!
One small way we hope to alleviate some financial stress for you in the new year, while encouraging you to continue to commit to your health and well being in 2017 is to offer 10% off all full price naturopathic services and full priced prescribed natural medicines for the month of January. This offer will last until January 31, 2017. (Note: Already discounted services and products are not included with this offer)

For free tips on how to stick to your new year's resolutions click here to check out our free articles and videos. Click here to learn about our Natural Smoking Cessation Program!


Did you know that the experts predict that the Cold & Flu season has yet to peak this year? Arm yourself and your family against the bugs for the rest of the cold winter months. If you weren't able to make the first Natural Cold & Flu Seminar back in November now is your chance. Click here to RSVP.


Choose to feel better, regain your health and experience the wellness you deserve.

Hey Ladies!

Are you:

  • sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • frustrated because you don't feel like yourself but testing shows that everything is "normal"?
  • perplexed because you do a lot of things "right" but still feel bad?
  • stuck with your health problems with no where to turn?
  • overwhelmed by Dr. Google?
  • constantly worried about your kids, partner, finances, career and aging parents?
  • forever trying to stay on top of it all, while straining to "hold it all together"?
  • inwardly hard on yourself? I mean really really REALLY brutal on yourself?

Are these things stealing your energy, joy, freedom and happiness?

Do you want these things to change, but struggle to find out how, what, when and where without turning your life upside down, draining more of your precious time, energy and hard earned money?

Then you are in the right place!

Here is what I believe:

I believe that:

You can be free of illness, pain and suffering.

I also believe that your body has the ability to heal itself from illness, pain and suffering, while guiding you toward better health, healing, wholeness, joy and vitality.

I further believe that we can be Brilliant, Proficient, Healthy and Highly Productive & Significantly Successful Women without brutality in our self-perception and with oodles and oodles of self-kindness, compassion and love.

If you are ready to change the way that you think, feel and do so that you can live your life with more strength, energy, joy, freedom and vitality then follow any one of these three steps:

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“Health is much more than just the absence of disease.”
Abraham Maslow